Many years ago a visit to Niagara Falls meant you were going to Canada.  Not any more.

I have been going to Niagara Falls for more than a half century.  Back in the day (1960s) we always hit up the Canadian side for its grand views, arcade galleries (I had 8 siblings), and well, rather ho-hum places to eat.  The Falls were spectacular and we loved going there.  Nowadays, the American side sparkles with great new adventures, dining places, historic sites, and epic waterfall views.

This gallery takes a quick look at some places to explore when you go to the American side for a weekend.  Of course, your jaws will drop at any and all sights of the majestic waterfalls themselves.  But, hey, lets get a little bit closer!

On the American side you can board the boat ride on the Maid of the Mist which will chug its way slowly up close enough to the thunder of Niagara that your ears will ring and goosebumps will cover your arms  It is that exciting.  And yes, you will get wet.

Also on the U.S. side you can go to the Cave of the Winds for another unforgettable experience.  You will traverse a wooden plank staircase that gets close enough to the crashing waterfalls that you can reach out and touch them.  Almost literally.  It is a breathtaking event for all ages.  And yes, here to, you will get wet.

We list a couple of "off the grid restaurants" in this gallery that you might want to consider for a dining night out (of course, the city has virtually every franchise fast-food restaurant there is).  But the ones in our gallery are unique.  Do you like Polish food?  Well, wait until you see the one we listed here.

Also, there is some history in this gallery too, ranging from the story of Nikola Tesla and how he made history here at the "Dawning of the Electric Age," and you will hear the sad story of Annie Edson Taylor, the first person to ever go over Niagara Falls and live.  And you can even visit her grave!  It is quite a tale.

So, it's off to the Falls we go....on the American side that is!

Niagara Falls, NY Competes For Best Falls Destination of Them All!

There was a stretch of time where if a person said they were visiting Niagara Falls with their family, it was kind of assumed that they meant they were going to Canada. Not any more. The American side of the world's most famous waterfalls is now humming with attractions, great dining, and lots of places to explore.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

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