The international tension arising from a possible invasion of Ukraine by Russia is reaching closer to home.

Photo: Bruno Vincent/Getty Images
Photo: Bruno Vincent/Getty Images

New York Governor Kathy Hochul this weekend issued a statement saying “In light of $ she has convened cabinet members to review the state’s ongoing cybersecurity preparedness efforts to protect from “cyber-facilitated disruptions.”

The Democrat says the concern comes under the reality that New York State is a leader in the finance, energy, transportation and healthcare sectors and, therefore, is an attractive target for cyber criminals.

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While it won’t have any impact on current preparations to secure systems, the proposed state budget contains 62-million dollars in funding for cyber security.

The governor says on the individual level, residents should remember they are vulnerable to cyber attacks on their personal devices. Hochul says: “I encourage them to use best practices around passwords and multi-factor authentication, and make sure that older loved ones are protected from scams.” 

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