Most New Yorkers have been to Syracuse for one reason or another. Of course tens of thousands have come to the city for the Great New York State Fair, and others have come to attend Syracuse University as a student (or parent). You have come to visit the zoo, to fly out of the Syracuse airport, to attend a downtown food festival, to see a Broadway show, to see an exciting basketball game at "the dome," and more reasons you have found yourself in Syracuse. So have we visited the city? Yes.

But there is always more to see perhaps on your second trip through "Salt City." This list of ten places to visit in the city is just a starting primer for any visit. There are many other places to see, but this is the "core." Great places to eat, wonderful art museums, some live entertainment venues, a fantastic zoo with over 700 animals, spectacular parks and lakes, and more.

The city, which has about 160,000 residents, is located smack dab in the center of the state, so it makes its location a convenient place "to stop off and look around." Where once the Erie Canal made its way through the heart of the city, today the New York State Thruway, going east to west, also goes through just north of downtown. So hop off and enjoy a visit to one of Upstate's great cities, Syracuse!

Ten 'Don't Miss' Places to Visit When in Syracuse

There is much to see in the city of Syracuse when passing through or coming for an extended stay. From museums to parks to sporting and entertainment venues and epic eating places, the city of 160,000 is definitely worth a visit!

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