Call it a sport, or call it a fun family activity, no matter what you call it...snow tubing is here to stay in New York!

Snow tubing is a wonderful way for non-skiers to enjoy a day at any of Upstate New York's great ski centers.  Not all of us are ski pros, so snow tubing is a fun alternative that the whole family can enjoy together.

The snow tubing areas in New York are fully modernized with professionally groomed and super-smooth tubing lanes.  The ride down is easy as pie!  And the ride back up to the top of the hill?  Well, that is easy too.  Most of the ski resorts now have conveyor lifts (called Magic Carpets) that can take you on a leisurely ride back up the hill with your tube in hand and deposit you at the peak for another zoom back down. This is great for families of all ages!

Here is a list of ten great places around Upstate New York where you can find some of the best snow tubing hills around.  But, you should also know that almost every one of the ski resorts in the state now offers snow tubing activities (always call ahead or look on their websites to confirm). We just thought these would be some of the best to try this winter if you're looking for recommendations!

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Ten Top Snow Tubing Places in Upstate New York

Back in the day, the closest we came to snow tubing was hopping on a bent and dinged silver metal "saucer" and then throwing ourselves hurtling down a snowy (and rocky) hill. It was fun, but....ouch!

Today's snow tubers have it made. Groomed snow lanes and conveyor lifts to catch a ride back to the top of the hill. And no rocks! All of this has made snow tubing in Upstate New York one of the fastest-growing winter activities for families of all ages.

While keeping in mind that almost every ski resort in the state now offers snow tubing, here are ten you really should check out.

So, throw that old saucer away and head for the snow tube trails!

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