Washington County is one of the great, stunningly beautiful counties in Upstate New York.  The county, with a population of only 60,000 residents, has many small towns and villages to visit and enjoy (none of them has more than 6,000 residents).  And the county has a bountiful array of great places to stop for a bite along your roadtrip in here.

This gallery is a starter list of great places to dine in along your Washington County journey.  The list includes an ice cream parlor, a fine steak house, one of the great seafood restaurants in the region, a couple of excellent pizza and Italian places, and a few diners and cafes.  You have to like places with names like Busty's Bar and BBQ, and Sally's Hen House.  Each is very popular with locals and visitors passing through.

One place on this list is actually located in an 1840s original post-and-beam blacksmith shop.  The food items along the way are varied, tasty, and there are plenty of surprises around each bend of the road.

Washington County is a gem.  Located near Glens Falls and Saratoga Springs, the county is lush with woods, rivers, creeks, and historic covered bridges (four of them, all listed on the National Register of Historic Places).

If we missed your favorite place to stop for a meal, or a slice, or a rack, or a lick of an ice cream cone, please let us know over on our Facebook page.  We really do want to hear from you!

Roadtrip! 12 Delicious Stops on Your Food Journey Around Beautiful Washington County

If there ever was a competition for "the ,most beautiful county in New York State," surely Washington County would be near the top. The countryside is gorgeous, there is an abundance of history, and there is a full list of pretty little towns, hamlets, and villages, each of which holds a surprise or two.

May we suggest that you do a food tour of this stunning county? You will not be disappointed!

This gallery is a starters list for you to eat your way around the county. The list includes fine steakhouses, a fun beer and barbecue joint, a diner called "Country Gals," a couple of Italian an pizza places, a cute "car hop" for ice cream, a popular place called Sally's Hen House, and many others.

And don't forge the most heavenly cheesecakes in Upstate New York!

If we missed your favorite eating place in Washington County, please give it a shout out over on our Facebook page. We want to hear from you!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

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