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As the Baby Boomers will rightly recall, our lives changed when we bought our first record player and spent our chore money on records, both 45s and albums.  Music freedom at last!!

Vinyl records are huge right now.  New ones are out there in big numbers, and at big prices.  In fact, too big in my opinion.  So, we settle for the used vinyl that we had, loved, through away, and now yearn for back.  They are much cheaper than new vinyl re-issues, and are far more enjoyable to listen to, even with the errant pop, hiss, and dust moozy clogging things up a bit.

Where just a few years ago a vinyl record store was a rare and much appreciated thing, today they are in almost every town, village, and shopping mall.  In this gallery we find 18 great places to get your vinyl groove on.  Sure most of these places sell the new vinyl releases, but they also have plenty of nostalgic gems to discover (or re-discover).  Motown, rockabilly, soul, dance music, bubblegum, country and western classics, show tunes, soundtracks, disco, earworms, and so much more are alive and well in the bins, crates, and display racks of your favorite used record store.

So, what is your pleasure?  Isaac Hayes "Shaft?"  "The Best of the Cowsills?" The Soundtrack from West Side Story?"  "The Beatles Rubber Soul?" "ELO: Out of the Blue?"

Each record store mentioned has a direct link to their social media page.  And remember.  There are dozens more of these stores we couldn't mention here, so if your favorite vinyl record store in Upstate New York didn't make the list, please give it a shout out over on our Facebook page!

Find Your Records From the Past At These 18 Upstate New York Classic Vinyl Shops

Vinyl is back bigger than ever. Now one of the top ways to enjoy your music, vinyl records (and those wonderful old record players) are a must for Baby Boomers and newcomers to the field! Here are a bunch of great new and used vinyl record stores in Upstate New York!.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio