What to do with a historic old train station or an old fire station that has answered its last call? Many towns across Upstate New York have found new life for these important old buildings in creative ways.

You've probably seen it happen in your town or city. A bar that was once an old bank, a coffee shop that was once an old library. New York State has no shortage of interesting and historical buildings. Some are preserved in their original form or have been turned into educational museums to learn from. Others have found vibrant new life being transformed into local businesses.

Here is a list of 11 firehouses and train stations, some more than 150 years old. The unique thing about each of these historic buildings is the purpose they now serve today. That's right, today these old buildings have been turned into popular dining places and gathering places for a whole new generation of townsfolk to enjoy.  These transformations are quite remarkable, to say the least.

On this list, you'll find many of the restaurants pay homage to the historic building it lives in. These are popular spots for locals and tourists alike can enjoy a delicious bite to eat, a drink, and even some fun live music at some locations with their history.

11 Old Upstate Train Stations and Firehouses That Are Now Restaurants

The time comes in every small town in Upstate New York when they must look to giving up the ghost with their old train stations and firehouses. Time has passed these important places for the most part, and (in the case of the old firehouses), new, more modern ones must be built.

So, what to do with the old buildings?

Well, many communities have sold off their "old stock" of train depots and fire stations to private citizens who have breathed new life into the structures as modern, delicious, and very popular restaurants.

Here are some very old train depots and fire stations (some more than 150 years old), that
are now vital places in their communities, serving up delicious meals, a place for high-end cocktails, a venue for live entertainment, and more. And to the credit of almost each of these listed in this gallery, they have all managed to modernize these old buildings while leaving important nuances reflecting back on the DNA of their past, back to when the conductor used to holler "All Aboard" and to when the fire trucks barreled out the huge front doors answering the call in the neighborhood.

I think you will enjoy this list!

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