There is no question that Upstate New York has a total embarrassment of riches when it comes to state parks.  There are dozens and dozens of them throughout our region, both big and not-so-big, and they are all worthy of consideration for a summer visit from you.

Some of these state parks are tiny, remote, and maybe even a little difficult to find.  Others are located a mere few miles from the major urban centers of Upstate New York, such as Albany, Ithaca, Buffalo, Rochester, etc.  At almost all of these parks, you are sure to find all the amenities you would expect from a state park including swimming, picnicking, campsites, boating, hiking, birdwatching, and as a bonus many of these also feature spectacular waterfalls and gorges to explore!!  A couple of unusual things you will find on this list is a state park that is an actual lighthouse accessible by boat only, and a couple of state parks that feature interesting historic museums.

Of course we know that this is just a "starter list" of park destinations.  It would take many pages for us to review them all.  So take a look at this gallery, and if you favorite Upstate New York state park is not featured here, we encourage you to visit our Facebook page and give it a shout out.  We really do want to hear from you!

So, everybody into the car!  It's time to hit one of New York State best state parks in our Upstate region!

25 Fantastic New York State Parks Located in Upstate New York to Visit This Summer!

New York State has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to state parks. We have them all, big and small, water front and deep in the woods, and from all over including the Hudson Valley all the way out to Western New York. Millions attend these parks every year, both in the summer and winter. Here is a selection of 23 of the best state parks. Of course there are dozens more so please visit our Facebook page and give your favorite a shoutout if you don't see it on this list!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

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