Heads up, sports fans.  There is a little known museum in a tiny town in far western New York that is remarkable to say the least.  The Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame is a look back at a time when boxers didn't wear gloves, and a typical boxing match could go 50, 60, and even 75 rounds.  Ouch!

The museum, in Belfast, N.Y., is actually the training barns of the legendary boxer John L. Sullivan.  It is here, in this rural location, where he trained for an epic boxing matchup with Jake Kilrain in the late 1880s.  The fight was scheduled for 75-rounds.  William Muldoon, a respected wrestler, boxer, and fighter himself, was tasked with getting the out-of-shape Sullivan in peak condition to box.  It was definitely an uphill battle, as Sullivan was known to be a cantankerous, loose guy who liked to sip a few every day.  Muldoon took care of that, and you can see it all in front of you at these historic training barns.  And, yes, you can even see the "cell" that Muldoon locked Sullivan in to keep him from getting into trouble.

This is an amazing museum, Hall of Fame, and repository of a little known era of boxing.  While the "other" Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota attracts thousands each year, just an ever-growing small stream of guests make their way West to see this museum.

Take it from me, this is Bucket List worthy and a roadtrip to Belfast is highly advised.  The museum and Hall of Fame is the work and dream of one man, Scott Burt, who renovated "the most famous training barns in American sport" from the ground up.

Go, visit, learn.

This is an amazing place!

Is This the Most Unusual Sports Hall of Fame in Upstate New York? We Think So!

There is a little known sports Hall of Fame and Museum out in far western New York state (Allegany County) that you really should put on your bucket list. It is fascinating! The Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame tells the story of John L. Sullivan, and how he came to tiny Belfast, NY in the 1880s to train for the fight of his life. It is VERY cool!

Visitor information can be found at the end of the gallery.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

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