We try and keep our eye out for the National Food Calendar (yes there is such a thing) to see what kinds of food we are currently celebrating.  And believe me, as far as the calendar goes they celebrate almost everything (National Rutabaga Day anyone?).

So I noticed that January 3 is National Spaghetti Day.  Now, with 365 days a year to fill up with foods to celebrate, they do fudge a bit (pun intended).  Upcoming we will have a National Lasagna Day, a ravioli day, a pasta alfredo day, etc.  Yes, they kind of stretch it out a bit.  But for this writer a "National Spaghetti Day," falling right after the New Year, is a perfect situation.

Here is a list of some of the BEST and the OLDEST Italian restaurants in Upstate New York.  The youngest on the list is 54 years old, and the oldest is 106 years old!  Some are fancy, some are simple, some are in rural places, and some are in the urban centers of our region's major cities.  All are good.  No, make that...all are great!

As you will see, we celebrate all pastas on this glorious day.  So be ready, these photos will get your drool going!  Each of the restaurants on this list is directly linked to their website.  Many have menu suggestions, and we try and offer up  a sample of online restaurant reviews for you to take a look at.

So tuck those napkins in, elbows off the table, and lets celebrate together!  Mangia!

Celebrate "Spaghetti Week" At These Old-World-Style Upstate NY Italian Restaurants

My food calendar says that January 3 is National Spaghetti Day so each year we pick a selection of the best Italian restaurants in Upstate New York to highlight all week long. These are some of the best (and oldest) in our region.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

Take A Look At These Cars and See Why the #1 Auto Museum in the Northeast is in Central New York. Wow!

For this writer's money, the single best automobile museum in the Northeast is in the small, rural city of Norwich, NY, population 7,000, in Chenango County. With more than 200 absolutely magnificent cars and trucks from all eras on display in several buildings, this is a must-see bucket list stop for lovers of classic cars. The museum is jaw-dropping. Take a look at this selection of 18 cars that are currently on display at the museum. You had one of these, didn't you? Yes, I thought so! Visit the Northeast Classic Car Museum today!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio