March 31 is "National Clams on a Half Shell Day".  So, let's dig in and share some great places to find delicious clam dishes in Upstate New York.

This gallery celebrates clam menu items of all sorts.  How do you like your clams?  Tossed on a barbecue grill "until they pop open?"  Or something more elaborate like a nice Calms Casino?  They are all on this list.....and more!

White Clam Pizza?  It is here.  Steamers?  You bet! Chowder?  Of course.  How about a delicious clam sandwich, as in that iconic Southern meal called a Po' Boy?  Yup, you can find that in Upstate New York also.

Where to Get Delicious Clam Dishes in New York State

These dozen restaurants stretch from the Hudson River Valley to the Adirondacks and out to Western New York.  They all offer something different and special for the clam lovers out there.  So, on this day we don't just celebrate a clam on a half shell, we rejoice in clam dishes of all kinds.

My favorite has to be the New England Clam Boil (on this list).  There is just something so bountiful about a big plate of little neck clams, salt potatoes, sausage, corn on the cob, and all sorts of other goodies.  Upstate New York may not (technically) be in New England, but when this dish is put in front of you it is not hard to imagine that you are dining along the rocky coast of Maine!

With hundreds of places serving up clams each summer (and all year long), we couldn't name them all so if your favorite clam shack didn't make it into this gallery feel free to give it a shout-out on our Facebook page.

Dig In! Celebrate National Clams on a Half Shell Day with 12 NY Restaurants to Dine At

March 31 is "National Clams on a Half Shell" Day. So let's dig in.

The official National Food Day Calendar description of how to celebrate this day reads: "Get steaming or grilling, depending on your preferences. Clam lovers dig in and show the rest of the crowd what they’ve been missing! Demonstrate the best way to enjoy them, the flavors and side dishes, too."

So let us help you with the "shout-out" part of that description. Here are 12 great Upstate New York restaurants serving up some amazing (and very different) clam items on their menus. Pick, choose, and enjoy!

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