Schoharie County is rich in history, saturated with natural beauty, and plays host to some of Upstate New York's best family tourism destinations.

It is a huge county, with its 630 square miles only holding about 30,000 people.  That makes it the fifth least populated county in New York.  It's largest community is the college town of Cobleskill, with 6,100 residents.  After that there are dozens of small towns, villages, and hamlets with populations as low as 200 people.

Surprisingly, for a place this sparsely populated, tens of thousands of people from the Northeast come here to visit each summer.  The main reason, of course, is to see the wonders of Howe Caverns.  This centuries old cavern is the second largest natural tourist attraction in the Empire State, right behind Niagara Falls.  I went when I was in school in the 1960s, and have now taken my own grandchildren in my 70s.  It is still a fun and fascinating place.

On this list of things to see, do, explore, eat, drink, and have fun at in Schoharie County you will find a couple of unique museums, a winery with a million dollar view, one of the best family fun parks in Central New York (go kart track is amazing), the certified best craft brewery in the state, the oldest trees in the world, and a fort that the British attacked in 1780 (you can still see the original British cannonball hole in the roof!).

So, come to Schoharie County.  In the fall, when the farm markets and roadside stands are filled with ears of corn, big pumpkins, and homemade apple pies, the county just can't be beat!

Road Trip! Beautiful and Historic Schoharie County!

Schoharie County is watthout a doubt one of the prettiest in Upstate New York. It has many assets including much history from the Revolutionary War, acres of farmland (George Washington called this "The Breadbasket of the Revolution"), quaint small towns and villages, one large college city, a hiking mountain called Vroman's Nose, the best craft brewery in New York State, and some eye-popping roadside sites. Here is a starter's list of things to do, see, eat, drink, and play while visiting this gorgeous county

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