New York has so many wonderful rivers (big and small) which cross the Upstate region and beyond.

In this gallery, we take a close look at 11 of New York State's great rivers.  These include the Niagara, Susquehanna, Chenango, Hudson, Genesee, and others.  There may be even one or two on here that you have never heard of.  With each river, we highlight one great "river town" to go along with it.  Take a look, maybe your own hometown is on this list. Or maybe, you'll get some new day trip or family vacation ideas!

These towns highlighted along with the rivers we've listed each have something unique and special about them. Many offer rich and exciting histories behind them. Aside from picturesque views, these towns also offer different experiences. From museums and bridges to delicious family-run restaurants and small businesses, these river towns have a ton of fun to offer visitors of all ages.

And of course, when you talk about Upstate New York rivers and streams, naturally you also have to talk about fishing.  As you will see, several of the river towns mentioned in this gallery have a reputation for excellent fishing that goes far beyond New York State's border. I mean, we even have a place called "Trout Town U.S.A." on this list, right?

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A River Runs Through These 11 Amazing Upstate New York Towns

New York State has countless rivers, streams, creeks, canals, and all sorts of other waterways. Here we take a look at 11 of our great rivers, some big and some very small, and all of them have a great story to tell.

The list picks one "river town" along the waterway to highlight. Among the rivers mentioned are the Hudson, Susquehanna, Chemung, Niagara, Delaware, and others. And (of course) the Erie Canal.

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