When the summer heat surrounds us in Upstate New York, we tend to look for lighter, "cooler" dining options at dinner time.  I love spaghetti and meatballs, but I usually pass on that during July and August.  I like a nice cool green salad and all of the concoctions that it may come with.

Salads are a wonderful way to cool down.  A big fresh. leafy green salad, served with a tangy balsamic vinaigrette dressing, and maybe topped with some ice cold shrimp or avocado.  Yes sir, now you are talking.

When I was a kid, every salad was the same (which reminds me, when did "Italian Dressing" start being referred to as "Balsamic?"  Curious).  Small faux wooden bowls filled with iceberg lettuce, may a tomato or cucumber slice, a little sliced onion, and (if you were lucky), a half of a hard boiled egg.

Today's salads?  Well, the varieties are limited only by the chef's imagination.  As you will see in this gallery, the menus of these fine Upstate New York restaurants are filled with creative works of art masquerading as dinner salads.

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So, when it hits 80, 85, or 90-degrees up here, head for a restaurant and cool off and calm down with a fresh, cold salad.

But remember, it is not "Italian Dressing" anymore....balsamic!


As the heat and mug of an Upstate New York summer descends upon us, many find the perfect way to cool off and calm down when it is lunch or dinnertime is with a... a fresh, cold salad. Here is a list of some of the best salads being served at our area's restaurants this summer!

Is This the Most Charming Rural General Store in Upstate New York? We Think So!

There are many old-fashioned general stores scattered around the Upstate New York region. And we love them all.

They harken back to a simpler time no matter whether they are located in the Hudson Valley or in far Western New York. Kind of like a fantasy visit to Walton's Mountain, or even Mayberry R.F.D.

Here we shine the spotlight on what just might be the most charming of all of our general stores. Like the others, it is small, located in a tiny town, packed to the walls with good, foods, and gifts, and is run by a person who keeps an eye on the future but never forgets the past.

Check out this Delaware County general store. We think you will like it!