If you are my age (baby-boomer) what do you think of when you hear the phrase "go karts?"

I think for many of us, two things come to mind.  First, those of us who lived in rural, farming areas, usually had (or knew someone) who had a go-kart.  I don't remember any stores actually selling them, but I do remember a couple of my friends who had them and raced around their farms and fields in them.  Heck, maybe they were even homemade go karts.  I don't quite remember that.

The other thing that comes to mind, is the go-kart racing you could see up close and personal when the county fair came to town.  That, and the demolition derby, were the big hits of any fair in my youth.

Well, I am here to tell you that go-kart racing has entered a brand new world.  In this gallery you will read about ten fantastic tracks across Upstate New York.  These are modern, exciting, fast (some let you go up to 45 miles per hour), and challenging.  And they are a blast.

As you will see, all tracks have an abundance of safety features to them.  And they all welcome even the youngest drivers to come and take care of their "need for speed."  Courses are given for those as young as ten years old.

Go-kart racing has become a very popular group event, family vacation highlight, date night special, party place, and even a place for corporate challenges to take place.

Each track listed below has a link to their social media so you can get more information, and see videos.  And remember, because of space constraints, we are only listing ten tracks.  There are many dozens of others we couldn't highlight.  So...if your favorite go-kart track didn't make our gallery, we encourage you to go to our Facebook page and give it a shoutout!

10 Exciting Upstate New York Go-Kart Speedways!

Feed your need for speed at any of these ten (among dozens) of popular Upstate New York go-kart raceways. Fun for the whole family, including kids from about 10 years old and up. Take a look!

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