Everyone loves a lighthouse.  And Upstate New York has a bunch of them!

This gallery takes a look at ten of our region's most beautiful, historic lighthouses.  We only illuminate ten of these beauties to keep this gallery easy to read, but there are dozens more around the state to explore.  But these are highly representative of all of the lighthouses in Upstate that have stood as safety sentinels for our mariners for two centuries.

In this gallery you will find several lighthouses that have incredible back stories to them.  I like the one in western New York that is located at a historic fort (and has a live webcam on top of it!), the first lighthouse in the U.S. to be powered by natural gas, and the lighthouse that once was a half-mile out in the water, but 150 years later, due to erosion and construction, is now only a few feet from shore!

Lighthouses dot the shores of New York from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie and up the St. Lawrence River.  And don't forget the stunning ones you will find along the Hudson River, seven in total!  We list a few of those.

If your favorite lighthouse in Upstate New York didn't make the list (there are more than 50 in the state!), we encourage you to visit our Facebook page and give it a shout out!  And maybe even share a photograph with our readers!

10 Amazing Upstate New York Lighthouses That Reflect the Past and Light The Way to the Future

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There are a lot of town names in Upstate New York with a whole lot of unnecessary letters in them. Because the towns and villages were named (for the most part) 200 plus years ago by the Native American tribes who settled here, this leads to many mispronounced (yes, mangled) pronunciations for us all these years later.

This is a list of 21 of the most commonly mangled pronunciations of Upstate town names. Of course, there are many more so we look forward to our readers sharing their own suggestions for "most mangled, mispronounced town names in Upstate New York."