Don't blink or you just might miss these amazing and off the beaten path sites along the winding back roads and byways of the beautiful Upstate New York.

You just never know what you will find when rounding the corner of one of the many back roads in Upstate New York.  This is a list of 15 sites that are worthy of a stop, even if it’s only just for a few minutes, to see "what happened here." New York State is home to so much incredible history. And luckily for us, much of it is still around for us to discover and enjoy. You might just have to search a little bit harder to find it. Hopefully this list can make it a bit easier for you!

On this list you will find some pretty unique, unexpected, and downright surprising things. There’s everything from the "most famous railroad caboose in America,” and the world's largest chair, to a $10,000 hand beaded dress worn by country music queen Tammy Wynette, a "mummy in a library," the best hidden swimming hole in the state, the only place you can actually drive under the Erie Canal, the grave of "America's Painter," and so many more.  This is a really fun list with lots of great and different ideas to make your next road trip exciting.  How many of these places have you visited.

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15 "Must See" Places On Your Next Upstate New York Road Trip. Very Cool!

Everybody loves a piece of trivia. A bit of unusual history. A fun factoid. Well, there are volumes of these in Upstate New York and we will visit many of them in the near future.

This is a list of 15 historic sites, roadside oddities, and amazing places that you will not want to miss on your next Upstate New York road trip. I mean, the only place you can actually drive under the Erie Canal? Really?

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