There is endless fascinating history that has come out of Upstate New York.  And much of that history remains for us to see in monuments, statues and memorials dedicated to important people and historic moments.  This gallery looks at a selection of these in the North Country of Upstate New York.

Here you will find fascinating statues dedicated to the only female in American history to ever be awarded the Medal of Honor, a monument to a man who helped conquer the scourge of tuberculosis through his laboratory in the remote forests of the Adirondack region.  You will see a bronze tribute to one of the most popular American Olympic ski jumpers and who hailed from Lake Placid, and you will see an incredible statue dedicated to the only man from the North Country who served as New York State governor.

As a side subject of this gallery, you will be very surprised (as I was) to see the famous names of the sculptors, designers, and architects of some of these monuments.  Their names rank up there with the most famous of all time.

Of course one of the most familiar statues in the North Country can be seen standing guard at the entrance to one of the most popular Adirondack area amusement parks.  And he has been there ever since the park opened its doors in the 1950s.  He is almost 20-feet tall and has been the subject of too many selfies to even begin to count!

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These Upstate NY North Country Monuments and Statues Are Definitely Worth A Stop and A Look!

There are hundreds of statues, monuments and memorials scattered all over Upstate New York. In future galleries we will sample some of the most interesting ones we find in various regions. This gallery looks at a selection of them in the North Country.

And what a varied collection this is. Not only the Human subjects of these monuments and statues, but also of the famous, nationally recognized sculptors from the past whose work this is!

Here you will find a statue to a daring female battlefield the Civil War. She really had ice in her veins, and was given the Medal of Honor for her courageous efforts in the war. She still is, to this day, the only female in history to receive this military honor. You will also find a statue to a beloved Olympic ski jumper, an incredible monument to a famous Revolutionary War battle which took place in the North Country, and you will see an imposing monument dedicated to the only New York State governor to hail from the North Country. When you see who the architect and the sculptors were of this monument you are sure to say, "WOW!!"

Also, you will see a fun one. It is a gigantic 20-story tall colorfully painted statue of one of America's most beloved folk hero. He has stood guard at one of our legendary Adirondack amusement parks since the 1950s, and can be seen in countless selfies by tourists.

If we missed a favorite statue of monument in the North Country of yours, please let us know about it over on our Facebook page!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

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Over the last 12 months the Upstate New York region has said a sad farewell to three small colleges: Wells College (Aurora, NY), College of Saint Rose (Albany), and Cazenovia College (Cazenovia). Why did they close and what will happen to these campuses? This gallery gives a biographical sketch of each of these three colleges. All of them have been around for a very long time: College of Saint Rose (125 years), Wells College (156 years), and Cazenovia College (200 years!), and their leaving will have a significant impact on their longtime host communities.

And each deserves to be remembered......

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio