If you are a Baby Boomer, this remarkable place in Ontario County is where all of the toy train sets of your youth ended up.  It is a stunning display of nostalgia that you will be hard pressed to soon forget.

The Medina Railroad Museum holds the largest exhibit of electric toy trains east of the Mississippi.  Thousands of square feet inside this expansive historic old train depot are filled from wall to wall with trains whizzing about in a dizzying display.  The layouts reflect different eras of Western New York (and the Erie Canal) as the toy trains zoom by hundreds of vintage miniature buildings and thousands of tiny people waving at the trains and going about life as it was in Central New York.  Outside, the museum hosts real, actual train rides for all.  These vintage cars and gigantic locomotives pull you away from the depot on a series of them train rides all year long.  These include murder mystery trains, fall foliage excursions, Easter Bunny train rides, Halloween rides, and much more.

The biggest event of the year is always the Christmastime Polar Express one-hour train ride into the woods.  In this gallery you will see all the details including a video of this annual holiday event.  It includes cookies and hot coca, live reindeer, Santa Claus and much more to delight all ages.  Memories are made at the Medina Railroad Museum.

Made for the little ones, and yes, made for Mom and Dad also!

UPSTATE LEGEND! The Medina Railroad and Toy Train Museum (Medina, NY)

Medina, New York is a pretty little community of about 6,000 residents only 20 minutes form the southern shore of Lake Ontario. It is in Ontario County. But in this small town is one of Upstate New York's great treasures. The Medina Railroad Museum is a veritable snow globe of nostalgia. In a historic old train depot you will find one of the largest electric train exhibits east of the Mississippi. Hundreds of trains crisscross past hundreds of period miniature buildings all the while passing thousands of little people waving and going about their daily business. It is an eyeful, and it is a masterpiece of miniaturization. Outside the toy train museum they host real vintage trains offering theme rides for passengers including a one-hour Polar Express ride that no kid will ever forget. Take a look at the gallery below for this incredible and fun place. All visitor information is at the end of the gallery.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

9 Of the Oldest Breweries in Upstate New York

Craft breweries have been popping up all over the Upstate New York region. Each tries to carve out a little "beer niche" for their fans and communities enjoy. Some are big and some are small. One thing is for sure...they are popular and getting more so every day. One brewery, located in Cooperstown, is now competing with the Baseball Hall of Fame for tourists coming to this Otsego County destination.

Here are the nine oldest breweries in Upstate New York. As you can see, they are 25 or more years old, with two of them still around since the 1800s!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio