Cheesemaking is big business in Upstate New York!

There are over 100 New York State family farms that make their own unique cheeses.  This list highlights 14 of the best ones in Upstate New York.  Each has a fascinating story to it, plus a link to the business' website.

One thing about New York is that we make some pretty great cheese. Upstate New York makes some of the finest cheese in the world in fact. One little-known fun fact is that New York state actually ranks fifth in cheese production in the entire United States. Wisconsin is of course #1 at a whopping 3.5 million pounds of cheese produced a year. Next up in order are California, Idaho, New Mexico, and finally New York with about 830,000 pounds a year.

If you go back, however, to 150 years ago, New York State dominated the country in cheesemaking. Almost every large farm in Upstate New York made its own cheese.
Today there are many fine gourmet cheese shops around our region that sell homemade cheeses in a variety of styles, flavors, textures, and tastes. And many of these cheeses have won awards for their quality, even some major international cheese awards.
So, grab the cheese lovers in your life and dig in on this gallery of some of the most amazing, interesting, and delicious cheese shops we have right here in New York State.

Be sure and check out these gourmet cheese stores on your next Upstate New York Road trip.  You won't be disappointed!

14 Exquisite Gourmet Cheese Shops in Upstate New York

Cheese production is a big business in Upstate New York. In fact, the Empire State is the fifth largest cheese-producing state in the US (Wisconsin is #1 of course).

What many don't know is that New York actually used to be one of the most dominant states in terms of cheese-making in the country. That was about 150 years back at this point. But there are still tons of delicious cheeses being produced in our state and we want to show them off.

Here are 14 of the best gourmet cheese shops in Upstate New York.

We hope you will visit them and when you do, don't forget to ...."say cheese!"

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While this list is not exactly the Guinness Book of World Records material, it does illustrate the Upstate New York can hold a candle to any place when it comes to setting unique records.

Here is a list of 16 of the biggest, shorted, oddest, longest, one-of-a-kindest, deepest, and weirdest factoids about our region.

If nothing else, this list will make a great conversation starter at your next get-together!