Flowers are welcome any time of the year, for any reason.  But, I think Easter is a very special time to gift pretty posies.

For many years, while I lived far away from home, I would always send my Mom a big white lily plant for Easter.  She would take a photo of it and send the picture back to me (by regular mail!) and it showed her smiling at the blooming plant.  I loved doing it, and she loved getting the lily.

Now, my Mom is long gone but that memory lives on with me.  Flowers for Easter?  Sure, it is such a nice thing to do.

This gallery lists some of the most historic flower shops and florists scattered across Upstate New York.  Now, you say, what makes a flower shop historic?  Well, how about if it is 50 years old?  Or 75 years old?  How about if it is well past a century old?  Many of them on this list meet that criterion.  And if we did not mention your very own "historic" neighborhood florist, one that is at least 50 years old or so, please feel free to give it a shout-out over on our Facebook page!

So, this Easter, remember Mom if she is still around, with some pretty Easter flowers.  And if she isn't still around, send her up a quick prayer of thanks.  Believe, me, it will make you feel a whole lot better!

Find Pretty Easter Posies at These 10 Historic Upstate New York Flower Shops

Flowers for Easter? Of course! There is no better time to send a bouquet of flowers to a loved one than at Easter time. It is sure to brighten their day and bring warm thoughts of spring. Here are ten wonderful (and historic) flower shops spread all across Upstate New York for you to consider! And what makes a flower shop historic, you ask? Just look at the year some of these first opened their doors. WOW!

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