In war and in peace, Upstate New York has stepped forward to write the history of aviation in America in large, bold letters. This is something many don't realize.

This gallery highlights 11 different milestones in the DNA of Upstate New York aviation history.  We look at some of the most wonderful flight museums you will find anywhere in the United States, rich with captivating stories and true history.  These museums look at everything from the history of motorless flight, such as gliders and sailplanes alike, to the Golden Age of flight with "those daring young men in their flying machines," and yes, we are speaking of bi-planes here!

You will meet some of the great aviation pioneers who were from Upstate New York.  These include Edwin A. Link from Binghamton, who invented the most successful flight simulator in aviation history (which is still used today), and you will meet Glenn Hammond Curtiss as well.  He was a builder, inventor, racer, and flight record-holder.  His Curtiss Aviation Company was legendary in its field.  He was from Hammondsport and Curtiss held "U.S. Pilot License #1."  Both are great stories that are absolutely worth a read.

Each of the 11 entries has a link to the museum or story.  We encourage our readers to keep these places in mind and to explore them on their next road trip around Upstate New York. While the state of New York has hundreds of exciting, interesting and fun things to see, these stories deserve to be at the top of your must-see list.

11 Fascinating Places to See Aviation History in Upstate New York

Upstate New York has played a major part in the development and manufacturing of the aviation history of America. From early, legendary pioneers, to some of the best flight museums in the country, these 11 are most noteworthy and we hope you will find them interesting.

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