Solid or hollow?

That is always the Easter bunny conundrum.  Solid chocolate or break-away hollow.  I think the debate hinges on how old your teeth are.  When I was a kid I would always favor a hunk solid chocolate chunk for the Easter bunny.  Today, with my youth far away in my rearview mirror, I think I'd better stick to the hollow bunny.  My dentist will thank me later for that.

You got chocolate Easter bunnies when you were a kid and if you are like me you will get one even today as an adult. I mean, what is Easter without them?  Here is a gallery of a bunch of wonderful candy and chocolate shops scattered all around the Upstate region.  Each one is stocked and ready for this weekend.  Easter is a big candy holiday including jelly beans, Peeps, marshmallow eggs, and the mandatory big chocolate Easter bunny!

We know you can get these treats at almost any store this week, including all the major big box stores.  But we encourage you to shop local and visit your neighborhood store where they have been making chocolate Easter bunnies for a long time.  As many on this list show, some have been making them for 50, 60, and more than 70 incredible years.  And each store has a direct link to the shop with information and directions.

So, shop locally.  Hop to it.  Buy a bunny.  Solid or hollow.  And if there's one shop you'd like to shoutout that also sells festive candy, please do on our Facebook page! Happy Easter!

"Bring On The Bunnies!" At These 11 Upstate New York Chocolate Shops

Did you get a big chocolate bunny for Easter when you were a kid? And (be honest) do you still get one now that you are an adult? Yeah, me too!

The shelves of these Upstate New York chocolate shops are filled to overflowing with chocolate Easter bunnies of all sizes,

Go ahead, be a kid again. Grab a bunny for yourself!

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