Get in the spirit of things this year at these 11 fantastic Upstate New York craft distilleries.

Craft distilleries are popping up all over Upstate New York, and they now number more than 100.  Almost all of these distilleries use locally sourced grains such as corn, malted barley, wheat, rye, etc.  And, no surprise, these distilleries are producing some award-winning bourbons, vodkas, whiskeys, and more.

One thing I like about the distilleries on this list is that they have beautiful (sometimes historic) tasting rooms for you to enjoy when you go take a visit.  It's a fun activity to bring friends and family to taste the flavors of New York's home-brewed liquors. You will even find a Hudson Valley distillery that had to get permission from the Vatican to open up a distillery in a 150-year-old former monastery.  And it is absolutely gorgeous!

There are tons of great reasons to appreciate the wonderful distilleries New York state has to offer. During the gift-giving season, giving a friend or family member something from one of New York's many locally-made, award-winning distilleries is always a unique and appreciated gift. From one-of-a-kind whiskeys and bourbons to delicious vodkas and everything in between, you're bound to be able to find the right choice to give as a gift.

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11 Top Craft Distilleries in Upstate New York

Craft distillers are popping up all over Upstate New York. From big cities to small, rural mountain towns, the list of places for you to enjoy hand-crafted homemade ryes, bourbons, vodkas, and more has expanded greatly. And many on this list have beautiful and historic tasting rooms!

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