Summertime is a perfect time for a big old slice of Mom's apple pie and a cold glass of milk!  Can you remember what your Mom's kitchen smelled like when she took a pie out of the oven?  Yeah, you get it...

In today's world, we can walk into a bakery and literally not know what we are looking at or tasting.  Everything has gotten so creative over the years, and that is a good thing!  But, I am old school when it comes to things like pie. Give me a homemade slice of fruit pie and I am a happy customer.  Blueberry, raspberry, peach, pumpkin, cherry, it really doesn't matter I like them all.

But I do have a sentimental sweet spot for an apple pie, I must admit.

So, if you are heading out to a family picnic, reunion, or party and you have somehow found yourself as the "bring a dessert, please" guest, trust me.  Fancy is good, and creativity is wonderful, but you just cannot go wrong with a big homemade apple pie.  It is always a winner.

Here is a small collection of pie bakers around Upstate New York who are cranking out some pretty wonderful apple pies this summer.  And remember, if we missed your favorite apple pie baker or bakery go ahead on over to our Facebook page and give them a shout-out.

Have a Slice of Mouthwatering Apple Pie at These Upstate New York Locales

While we always think of a juicy apple pie anchoring a harvest table in the fall, what would a summertime picnic be without an apple pie!! Here are a collection of great places to get a slice (or whole pie) this summer. Don'[t forget the cold milk!

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