A while ago we did a gallery spotlighting the heavenly cheesecakes that are made by an order of nuns in Washington County, NY.  These "heavenly cheesecakes" were a big hit with our readers grabbing thousands of likes for the post.  If you missed that popular post about the "Nuns of New Skete" you can read it here.

So, now as we celebrate "National Cherry Cheesecake Day" on April 30, we want to expand this celebration out to all the different flavors of cheesecakes you can get in a bakery (why settle just for cherries!).  This gallery showcases a selection of the very best Upstate New York bakeries that specialize in cheesecakes.  And they are wonderful.

And the flavors!  It is unbelievable what you can put in (or on top) of a plain cheesecake (the flavor choices are limited only by the baker's imagination).  As you will see, one bakery in Albany says that they have created over 600 flavor combinations for their cheesecake business.  I looked at their menu and the combinations sound fantastic!

From the Hudson Valley to Western New York, take your pick!  These are some "hall of fame" cheesecakes!

And if we overlooked one of your favorite place to get hooked up with a mouthwatering slice of cheesecake, please visit us on our Facebook page and give that bakery a shout out.  We really do want to hear from you!

So, smile and say "cheeese!"  As in cheesecake, that is.

Upstate New York Bakeries Celebrate Cheesecake Day. "Say Cheeese!"

OK, so for the record April 23rd is National Cherry Cheesecake Day. By why honor just one flavor? This gallery celebrates all the delicious flavors with a tantalizing gallery of several top Upstate New York cheesecake bakeries.

I guess I am a little old school, in that I always think about either a cherry cheesecake, a chocolate cheesecake, or just a plain one. I think I need to explore more. Little did I know how may different flavors can be made into a cheesecake. How about 600? Don't believe me? read on!


Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

13 Fun Trivia Facts About the Amazing Corning Museum of Glass

The Corning Museum of Glass (Steuben County) is as much of a prized treasure as are many of the spectacular works of glass art the museum holds. It is one of the busiest museums in the state (outside of New York City) and has a worldwide reputation and appeal as an outstanding repository of art, science, and technology. Here are 13 pieces of trivia and fun facts about this wonderful and special Upstate New York museum.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio