OK, here is a mindbender for you.  The state of Rhode Island covers a total area of 1,545 square miles.  Did you know that five different counties in New York State cover more land than that entire state?

Yes, land?  In Upstate New York?  We've got it.

Here are the ten largest (by land) counties in New York State.  There are some surprises on this list.  We would think that all of the counties located in Northern New York would be on this list, and most of them are.  But, there are three of the largest counties that are not in Northern New York!  Do you know where they are?  Check out this gallery.

And although some of these counties are rural and mostly forested, each has at least one attraction that will welcome thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands, of visitors each year.  One county on the list of the ten largest in land even has a single museum that will attract more than 300,000 visitors each year.  You might be surprised.

Each of the ten counties on this list gives the official square miles of total land and water in the county.  Also, the most current population.  You will see one sprawling county on this list that has so few residents in it that it is actually the least populated county in the state, as well as the least densely populated county in the whole Eastern United States.

So, take a guess.  "What are the ten largest (by land) counties in New York State?"  Now take a look.  Surprised?

Question: "Can You Guess The 10 Largest Counties in New York State By Land?"

This gallery looks at the ten largest counties in New York State buy land. Amazingly, several of our large, rural counties are much bigger than the entire state of Rhode Island. Most of the counties on this list are in the Northern New York/Adirondack region. But three of them are not.

So, do you live in one of the ten largest counties in the state?

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

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