School graduations are popping up all over this time of the year.  Both college and high school.  In this gallery, we look at some of the oldest colleges and universities in Upstate New York.

Upstate New York Colleges and Universities

As you will see, many of these colleges can be found in remote, rural areas of Upstate New York, such as the universities in Potsdam and Fredonia.  Other big research universities can be found right in the heart of major Upstate New York cities, like Schenectady, Rochester, or Troy.  One of the largest (in the area) can be found along the Hudson River.

In each post, you will see that we try and mention the date of the college forming, the campus size, the student body size, and directions to it.  Also, just for fun, we might mention a famous alumni or two in the posting.  How famous?  Well, among them listed here are the inventor of the Ferris Wheel, and the founder of Netflix!

It is amazing when you see that several of these seats of learning date their beginnings back to the 1700s!  Wow.  You will also see that a few of the oldest on this list were among the first invited to join the State University of New York system when it was first formed in 1948.

Each of these Upstate New York colleges and universities has stood the test of time.  They have withstood falling enrollment, economic and financial stresses, the changing of the education profile in the country, and more.  Still, they are here.  Their campus' are beautiful and some are worthy of a visit even if you are not intending to become a student (or parent of one) at the college.  Just beautiful places.

So, here are 11 of the oldest colleges in Upstate New York.  Long may they continue!

These Are the Oldest Colleges in Upstate New York!

Graduation season is upon us, both high school and college. This gallery takes a look at some of the oldest colleges and universities in Upstate New York. Remarkable in that a couple of them date their founding back to the 1700s!