There are too many "Hallmark-worthy" Christmas villages in Upstate New York to even begin with.  This gallery looks at seven of them that really take the holiday season to heart, and are worthy of a Christmastime visit from you this (or any) year.

These small villages (one barely has 500 residents in it) have a lot of items that would be necessary to be Hallmark considered.  They have natural beauty, and man-made beauty in that many of them have Main Streets which still showcase 150+-year-old historic businesses and homes, and they have a, well, I don't know, a special spirit, I guess.

Best Christmas Towns in New York State

You probably have been to these villages over the years, but there really is no better time to visit Ellicottville or Skaneateles or Old Forge or Rhinebeck and the others than now, when the snow falls, the lights are up, and people are filled with good cheer.

Each of the seven villages mentioned in this gallery has a direct link to the village website or other appropriate links so you can plan a holiday visit way in advance.  The villages range from the Hudson Valley to all the way out to the farthest western corner of the New York State.  They are all beautiful.

And, as a bonus.  If you have not been to the "It's a Wonderful Life Movie Museum" in Seneca Falls, NY, take my advice and move that to the top of your bucket list this year.  It is just great.  A link is provide in the article.

"Hey, Hallmark. We Found Your Christmas Villages in Upstate New York!

"Hey, Hallmark. We found your Christmas villages." These 7 Upstate New York villages would be perfect as a backdrop to Hallmark's famous Christmas movies. They are beautiful, historic, offer a wide range of holiday events, and are all worthy of a Christmastime visit from you!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

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