Surely there is no shortage of Christmas gift shops around the Upstate New York region.  But, this one?  Well, this one takes the Christmas cake!

Lee's Shops at Wagner Square is one of the largest and most adorable Christmas shopping destinations in the Upstate region.  It is located in tiny (population 2,000) Canajoharie, NY in Montgomery County.  The shops are actually three separate historic Main Street buildings that are connected on the inside.  To say that there is a large variety of holiday shopping items on display would be a hug understatement.

Lee's Sops at Wagner Square cover more than 8,500 square feet, enought room to creatively display more than 45,000 holiday items.  Tis variety includes, Christmas trees, ornaments (by the thousands), plush Santa's, greeting cards, candles, penny candy, home decor items, pet items, animated Chrsitmas scens, and too many other items to even begin to county.

It is no wonder that you now see thousands visit here between Thanksgiving and Christmas each year.  And the number of visitors from outside the region, and even out s]side the state increases annually also.

This is a wonderful place, kind of like walking into a children's Christmas snow globe.

And don't forget to ask about the Canajoharie famous "dummy light" when you go inside.  This iconic light, one of only three in New York State, is a beloved village landmark and can be found right in the middle of the street in front of Lee's Christmas shop.  But, this light is in serious danger of disappearing forever and the folks in town are not happy.  The story is in this gallery.

So, get your ho-ho-ho on and head to little beautiful Canajoharie (Mohawk name which means "the pot that washes itself") for a Christmas shopping visit that will put a big smile on your face!

(All visitor information and a website link can be found in the gallery)

The Mohawk Valley Is Home to Upstate New York's Best Christmas Store!

There are hundreds of stores, from craft shops to big box stores and to pop-up shops, that will feature Christmas items for sale this season. There is a small village in Montgomery County (population 2,000) that in our opinion has the best Christmas shop of them all.

Lee's Shops at Wagner Square is an amazing place in the Mohawk Valley. The store actually combines three large historic buildings on Main Street to connect into one exciting 8,500 square foot Christmas Mall. With more than 45,000 items on display it is no wonder that visitors come from around the Northeast to visit and shop for the holiday season here each year. Recently, several large motor coaches companies have put these Christmas shops on their "must see" shopping trips for their bus companies.

See what makes this place so magical in the post below.

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