Candy Canes and Ribbon Candy.  Hey, it must be Christmas!

Christmas time brings on wonderful "food triggers" from our youth.  Mom's Christmas ham cooking in the oven.  A warm mug of egg nog.  The smell of freshly made gingerbread cookies and so much more.  As far as Christmas candies go, there are dozens of "sweet memories" to conjure up.

Ribbon Candy and Candy Canes have been a part of my Christmas memories for more than 70 years.  At my mom's snack bar in our house in Upstate New York back in the 1950s, we could always find boxes of colorful ribbon candy to break off and munch on as the big day got closer and closer.  And candy canes were everywhere.  In a bowl, in Mom's Christmas cookies, or even decorating our tree.  Loved both of these great memories.

Here is a list of 11 places where you can still get the real deal...homemade ribbon candy in all colors and flavors.  And, hand-pulled and twisted candy canes.  These candy shops are located all over the Upstate  New York region.

There is one thing about this list that might surprise you (it surprised me).  Look at the ages of the candy shops featured here.  These lovely little places have been churning out holiday ribbon candy and candy canes for 50, 70, and even more than 100 years and are still going strong.

These photographs are sure to "trigger" some of your own sweet Christmas candy memories.  Enjoy!

Candy Canes and Ribbon Candy Take the Spotlight in Upstate New York Candy Shops at Christmas

Everybody has a favorite Christmas candy item. Whether it was something Grandma made from an old family recipe, or maybe it is something from the corner candy store of your youth, Christmas candy is a joyful memory that has carried on to the present day.

These 11 Upstate New York candy shops make thousands of miles of colorful ribbon candy each year. And hand pull and bend countless red and white striped candy canes for their customers. You will enjoy this list of candy shops that make each.

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