Yes, every day is National Chocolate Day for many of us.

There is a "national food holiday" virtually every day on the calendar, it can be pretty hard to keep track.  But they are great.  They give a certain food (or drink) item a few moments in the spotlight.  National Chocolate Day (October 28) is one of the best.

Here we have a list of 16 ways to celebrate chocolate the way you like it at your own convenience.  These items cover a wide range of foods and drinks, and each entry has a direct link to the restaurant offering up their special chocolate treat.

Some of our favorites?  How about the chocolate wine from the Finger Lakes (named Chocolate Lab)?  Yes, we like that one as well as the Chocolate Beer from Otsego County.  Who knew there were so many chocolate-flavored drinks?

The chocolate-covered potato chips sound great, and the Buffaloreos are now on our bucket list.  We feature a chocolate milkshake from Binghamton that is nothing short of epic.  And of course, there are plenty of good old standbys, like the "dessert in a bottle" from the Catskills, and the square chocolate doughnuts from Saratoga.

Your mouth will certainly water when you look at these pictures, and we are sure you will want to sample a few of these special treats.

So, yes.  October 28th is National Chocolate Day.  But, heck, go ahead and celebrate every day with this list of 16 items as your starting list!

16 Ways to Celebrate "National Chocolate Day" in Upstate New York (Chocolate Wine??)

Although October 28th is the official National Chocolate Day in America, lets face it. Every day is national chocolate day for most of us! Right?

Here are 16 ways to celebrate this delicious holiday in Upstate New York. Chocolate wine! Chocolate covered potato chips! Chocolate pizza! And so many more to explore!

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Chuck D'Imperio