See if you agree with this statement.  "Does anybody know a museum where kids can go and actually enjoy themselves?"  Well, if you asked that question 50 years ago, the answer was probably a blank stare.  I went to my first museum in 1967 when I was 17.  It was the New York State Museum in Albany and I will admit it was a bit of a bore.

Now, 55 years later I count it as one of the best in the state.  Funny how time can change things, isn't it?

This gallery focuses on many (20) of the children's museums located all over Upstate New York.  They are amazing places of experimentation, learning, hands-on-science and technology, and they are places where kids dreams are only limited by their imaginations.

These fun museums are located from the Hudson Valley all the way out to Buffalo.  Each has a brief description to them and a direct link to the websites so you can plan you summer vacation around any one of them.  Take a look.  How does a "railroad Museum" hit you?  For the kids?  Yawn?

Share the photograph of the railroad museum on this list (#2) to your kids.  Guaranteed the little ones will say, "Wow!  Let's go!!"

Obviously there are a lot more children's museums in the Upstate than just this list of 20.   So if you have a favorite that your kids like, please share it over on our Facebook page with our readers.  We really do want to hear from you!

20 Upstate New York Museums That Will Have Your Kids Saying, "Wow! That Was Fun! Can We Go Back?"

New York State has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to museums. And we have featured many of them i previous galleries. This one takes a look at children's museums. Most kids will admit that a museum seems like an "old person thing to do." But these special places will have your kids saying, "Mom, can we go back? That was great!"

Here is a list of 20 New York State museums that kids and teenagers will enjoy to the fullest. They are all pretty much hands-on museums and all encourage interaction with the young visitors.

These museums lean heavy on hands-on science exhibits, play areas, and specialty programs for all ages. Take a look at this gallery and see which one fits your family's ages. From high school kids to programs geared to the littlest tykes you will find one that fits perfectly for your group.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

Tiny But Awesome Book Stores In Upstate New York!

With Independent Book Store Day now in the rear view mirror, this gallery looks at a collection of the best (and smallest) of them all in Upstate New York. We have looked at the large indie book stores in Buffalo, Albany, Rochester, etc. in previous galleries'. But this one is for the little guys. The book stores range in communities with a high population of 17,000 to a hamlet with a teeny tiny population of under 400 residents. And they are all great!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio