The beautiful Catskill Mountains of New York State are a place of incredible natural wonder, fantastic history, and a whole lot of "secret" and off the beaten path places to explore and enjoy with the whole family.

This list of 15 places includes the only mountain fire tower in the Catskills that you can actually drive to see.  This is a really unique experience. And what a view you get when you make it to the top!  Also, you will see some roadside oddities, such as "New York's Own Mount Rushmore."  This is an amazing place and it also is credited with being the very first Civil War memorial in the country. Who knew? Read more about that story below.

You will enjoy hearing about the Mexican restaurants in the Catskills (another who knew?), as well as the wonderful collection of old-timey general stores that bring you back in time.  Kind of like Walton's Mountains stuff!  And, how about a quick visit to the grave of one of the entertainment world's early radio and TV pioneers.  She even won the very first Emmy Award for Lead Actress in a TV show.  Look for her incredible story below as well (and see who she competed against for the Emmy).

We hope you enjoy this list of these "secret" and off the beaten path places and consider them on your next road trip around our own beautiful Catskill Mountain region. It's much bigger than many realize!

15 "Don't Miss Places" On Your Next Catskill's Road Trip!

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