Warm weather is hopefully right around the corner for many New Yorkers. While we can typically count on a stray snow shower here and there in the unpredictable month of March, daylight savings is right on the horizon. And with more sunlight for us to enjoy comes more fun outdoor activities that will be in full swing before we know it!

Here in the Upstate New York region, Spring and warmer temperatures means an army of bikers are ready to hit the numerous picturesque roads, trails, and mountains our beautiful state has to offer across the region.

We have put together a list of 12 of our favorite great bike shops where bike enthusiasts can buy new bikes, get gear and accessories, and meet up with other bikers to organize community group rides.  The shops listed cover all regions of Upstate New York from the Hudson Valley up to the Capital region and beyond so we have something for just about anyone looking to bike this year! And if you're new to the biking scene, these expert shops can help set you on the right path to begin your bike journey.

If you have a bike shop in your area that you adore, drop us a comment on Facebook. We love to shed light on local favorites.

"Mount Your Bikes!" 12 Great Bike Shops in Upstate New York

After a notorious Upstate New York winter, warmer weather means thousands of bikers mount up and head for the hills. Our region has a large legion of biking enthusiasts and we have a list here of a dozen great bike shops for them to utilize. These shops are scattered all over Upstate New York, from the Hudson Valley to Western New York. They offer bike sales and service on all types of bikes from regular road bikes to laid-back recumbent bikes to tough mountain bikes. If we missed your favorite bike shop feel free to give it a shout-out over on our Facebook page!

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