If you are a baseball fan (or even a sports trivia nut) you will enjoy this gallery!

Baseball and Upstate New York go hand in hand.  We are, after all, the home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown!  But we are also the home of so much more.  And that is what this gallery is all about.

In the list below you will find directions to the graves of many of the sport's greatest legends (all graves in Upstate New York).  We also point you to two legendary "fields of dreams" local baseball stadiums where the sport has been played since 1906!  Also, the writer points out some fascinating and odd sites along the way.  Such as the exact location where the very first grand slam home run in baseball was hit.  The commemorative stone tells an amazing (and little known) Upstate New York baseball story!

So when you are out and about, catching a game somewhere along the way this summer, remember this list and go and pay tribute to some of the most famous baseball legends from Upstate New York, including the first Black player in organized baseball (no, not Jackie Robinson), the winning manager of the very first World Series, and say hello to the first and only relief pitcher to be named as Most Valuable Player.  All of these stories, and more, make this a fascinating gallery!  And can you guess which beloved baseball great was the subject of the game which recorded the biggest paid crowd in baseball history (almost 200,000 fans!).  It is on this list.

Oh, and did you know that the fabled Louisville Slugger baseball bat was made in rural Delaware County in the Catskills?

Baseball in Upstate New York: Legends, Graves, and Historic Sites

Baseball is big in Upstate New York in the summer. Very big. For fans of baseball legends, sports trivia, and exploring historic sites, we present this list of 14 interesting suggestions. On this list you will find many directions to the Upstate New York graves of some of the games most outstanding players, you will see some fascinating baseball trivia, and we list a couple of local historic baseball fields that have been entertaining baseball fans since 1906! All for fun, so here you go sports road-trippers. Get started!

"Playball!" 11 Historic Upstate NY Fields to Watch America's Pastime