Have you been to Animal Adventure Park in tiny Harpursville, NY yet?  If not, you should put it on your summer bucket list.  It is awesome.

Not sure if it is considered a park, an animal theme destination, a zoo, or whatever.  What I do know is that there is a reason more than 200,000 visitors wind they way over the country backroads of Broome County to visit this nature wonderland.   Well, maybe more than just one reason.  How about an Ark's full of reasons:  bison, giraffe, lions, penguins, peacocks, monkeys, camels, wolves, lizards, yaks, llamas, and many more.  Including the friendly bus-sized rhinoceros named "Tank."  And yes, Tank is ready for you to offer up some belly rubs!

The park, which holds events all year long, is now one of the main field trip destinations for school kids in Central New York.  The human-to-animal hands-on relationship is on full display at the park.  And they have just recently opened up their 100 acre drive-through animal experience call The Preserve.  Wander the lush countryside in your vehicle as animals come up to see you and your kids and say hello.  Is that a bison coming up?  Or a camel?  Or three funny mules?  It is a family-pleasing event.

Animal Adventure Park earned international recognition when they live-streamed the birth of a giraffe on YouTube in 2017.  Well over 200,000,000 viewers around the world tuned in to welcome Mama April's new bouncing baby boy, Tajiri.  The name was chosen from a customer contest, and is Swahili for "hope."

Be sure and visit the park's website for event details.  They have many and all are well-received.  Whether it is "Drafts with Giraffes" (beer tasting at the park), or their wildly popular Christmas "Jungle Bells" (with one of the biggest drive through holiday light shows in Central New York), you will have a blast.

Animal Adventure Park (and Preserve)

85 Martin Hill Road

Harpursville, NY (Broome County)


The Best "Zoo" in New York is In a Tiny, Rural Upstate New York Village!

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