While perusing the internet to look for Fathers Day gifts in the past, I was struck by what was one of the top gifts to give Dad for Father's Day in the decade of the 1950s.

Smoking accessories!

Pipes, ashtray stands, a cigar humidor, a new Zippo lighter, etc., were a big deal in the 1950s.  Not so today.  Can you imagine wrapping up a big new glass ashtray to present to him on Father's Day in 2023?  Yikes.

This gallery takes a look at the biggest trends in Father's Day gifts (and, in fact, Mother's Day also).  The gift of events.  Adventures.  Entertainment.  Meals out.  Sports.  All of these are big trends in gift giving today and we have list a dozen adventures to explore and consider.  And remember, even though in each gallery we highlight one particular place around Upstate New York to consider, feel free to locate one that is closer to you, right in your back yard perhaps.

As for me (both a father and a grandfather), I would have to pick the rail explorer ride.  These are a new phenomena, one of which I have not experienced yet.

These are modern railroad "pedal cars" which travel the abandoned railroad tracks of the past.  I am assured it is very easy (even perhaps motor assisted?) so you will not exert yourself too much.  These routes go through rural Upstate New York and give you a perfect bird's eye view (deer's eye view?) of the beautiful landscape all around us.  I think it would make a great gift for Father's Day this year and you will find a link where you can find a Rail Rider USA route in Upstate New York.

Yessir, a great gift.

I will make sure my own kids see this gallery this year.  Hint.  Hint.

Happy Father's day to all our Dad readers!

Upstate New York Adventures To Give Dad For Fathers Day 2023

Father's Day is all about Dad. And, let's face it, what to give him! Unlike eras in the past, when a necktie, a shirt, or a new pipe might suffice for the perfect gift, today's Dad (and Grandpa) are looking for something a little more adventurous. Here are a dozen suggestions to help you make Father's Day this year one of the best ever!

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