A full gallery of over 100+ weird, odd, and oh-so-fun roadside oddities could be complied.  No doubt about it.  Upstate New York is loaded with places and things that, when you drive by them, makes your head turn as you mutter "what the ?..."

From buildings, to attractions, to graves, and to food sites, there are enough roadside oddities in New York to fill a large book.  In fact, I even tried to do it once.  With a book called Upstate Uncovered.  I got to 100 and stopped.  Maybe I'll do a volume two some day!

This is a short list of seven of the best oddities you can find along the main streets and backroads of Upstate New York.  They include the world's largest kaleidoscope (totally fun for the whole family), a two-story brick outhouse (you guessed it: 3 holes up and 3 holes down), the oldest trees in the world (found in rural Schoharie County and, yes, you read it right...in the world!), a 1929 gas station that looks as if it was lifted right up from a script of the Twilight Zone), and so much more.

These are all a little weird, a little odd, and (let's face it) a whole lot cool.  One is even wrenchingly sad.  A little boy's grave with a window on it!  It has been in an overgrown cemetery in Chenango County for over 150 years.

Directions and website links are included in each item in this gallery, and I really encourage all of you to make a mental note to stop at these places whenever you are close.

You will no doubt leave each one of them saying to yourself, "that is incredible!"

7 Of the Strangest, Oddest Sights In Upstate New York! Weird, But Very Cool!

There are hundreds of odd, interesting, quirky, and totally fascinating sites and sights spread all over Upstate New York. Here are seven of the best. I mean, you have to admit any gallery that includes a 1929 gas station, the oldest trees in the world, a two-story brick outhouse, and the world's largest kaleidoscope is sure to grab any road warrior's attention!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

One-Room Schoolhouses Live on In Different Ways in Upstate New York

At one time there were literally hundreds of one-room schoolhouses across the Empire State. This was mandated so "no student had to walk more than one mile to school" according to early laws. Many are still in existence. Some are badly rundown but others live on as homes, museums, gift shops, and even vacation rentals. Here are nine beauties across Upstate New York

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio