The home healthcare situation in New York has reached a concerning and frankly, unacceptable place however, that may soon change as New York has finally bumped up pay for home health aides.

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When home health aides leave the healthcare industry because they can make more money working at a fast-food restaurant, the loss is great across the board. Before October 1, 2022, home health aides in Upstate New York were making just $12.50 an hour or roughly $21,300 a year, putting 42 percent of home health aides in New York State at or near the poverty level.

On the other hand, in New York State, 25 percent of in-home patients recently reported that they were unable to find anyone able to care for them in their homes because New York has been struggling with such a shortage of home health aides.

This minimum wage increase will ensure home care aides are well paid and able to support themselves and their families, which will help attract more people to the profession. Overall, this will ensure better worker retention and patient care. New York Labor Department Commissioner Roberta Reardon

Per a wage schedule released by the New York Labor Department last week, the minimum wage for home health aides in Upstate New York will increase to $16.20 an hour by the end of 2022. Effective October 1, the minimum wage for home health aides in Upstate New York was increased by $2.00 an hour to $15.20.

The increase is part of New York’s new budget agreement which included a multiyear, $7.7 billion dollar investment to help raise the minimum wage for home care employees.

By October 1, 2023, the minimum wage for home care aides in Upstate New York will increase to $17.20 an hour.

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