Over the last ten years or so, I have driven thousands of miles across Upstate New York writing and researching for my dozen Upstate travel books.  Sometimes I feel like I have been everywhere, but that can't really be, can it?

Here is a snapshot of one of my absolute favorite journey's to take, while writing, working, or just visiting for pleasure.  The route is approximately 100-miles long and goes between Canandaigua and Cazenovia.

The journey is beautiful as it tip-toes across US Rt. 20 at the top of the Finger Lakes.  It is historic in that the 100-miles hold many of the most important museums in Upstate New York.  It is delicious with many fine pubs, restaurants and some pretty awesome wineries.  And it can be fun, too.  Just a few miles north of this route is the massive del Lago Resort and Casino.  And, just a few miles south of this route you will find the little-known Drain Tile Museum.  Yes, you heard that right.  And it is great.

So, in this gallery we visit 21 places in seven communities. U.S. Route 20 goes from Massachusetts to Oregon, and at 370 miles it is the longest surface road in the state.  And, in my humble opinion, this little snippet of U.S. 20 is my own personal favorite "100-Mile Road Trip" in New York.

An Amazing 100-Mile Road Trip From Canandaigua to Cazenovia!

Having driven thousands of miles writing and researching more than a dozen top Upstate New York travel books, people ask me if I have a favorite areas to visit? This gallery takes a look at that area. The cities, villages, and hamlets that line up like a string of pearls from Canandaigua to Cazenovia, mostly along the northern tips of the Finger Lakes, are a real favorite location for me. It is about a 100 mile trip, and it is filled with history, beauty, great food, and wonderful people. Come along and take the journey with me. Here are 21 places found in 7 different communities along the road that I like to stop at. Have you been to any of these places? They are some of my favorite restaurants, museums, taverns, and historical sites along the way. And some, well, they are just fun!

21 Famous Literary Giants With Deep Roots in Upstate New York

This is a list of 21 literary legends who have deep connections with Upstate New York. Some were born here, some went to school here, some are buried here. The list is is amazing! How many of these authors' books have you read?