Upstate New York is blessed to have hundreds of miles of our own private "ocean" at our back door.  Lake Ontario stretches all the way from Niagara County up through Cape Vincent, where it joins the St. Lawrence River.  This beautiful watery backdrop affords residents everything from lakeside homes and camping areas to marinas with boats coming and going off the lake, and to some wonderful restaurants that take full advantage of the Lake Ontario waterfront.

The restaurants on this list stretch all the way from Western New York up to Sackets Harbor.  They are an eclectic group of eateries ranging from fine dining, to lakefront drive-ins, and to some great places for the "dock and dine" experience.

Each entry has a link to the restaurant.  As you will see, despite the fantastic array of food selections that each offers (including some out-of-this-world seafood), as well as great wine lists and bars, one thing is constant among all of the restaurants in this gallery.

At a certain point in the late afternoon, everything stops and the focus of the crowd, both inside and outside, is the water.  Each place boasts some of the best sunsets you can find in the Empire State, and at these restaurants they are met with awe, wide-eyes, cell phones up, and even a few cheers!

If you can't get to the ocean to enjoy a seaside meal, come to the shore of Lake Ontario in Upstate New York.  It does not disappoint!

Eight Delicious Lake Ontario Restaurants From Niagara County All the Way Up to Sackets Harbor

With nearly 300 miles of shoreline in New York State, Lake Ontario is a prime location for a waterfront restaurant. And there are dozens to choose from.

This is a list of eight great places to dine while enjoying Lake Ontario. Most are directly on the water, others are a block or two away, but all share the same bonus of lakefront dining....spectacular sunsets. You will visit elegant restaurants, some family owned restaurants that are now several generations into same family ownership, a restaurant located on an ancient U.S. military ground, a "drive-in" that sells one ton of fish a week, and a lakefront destination that opened over 150 years ago.

Each entry has a link to the restaurant. Enjoy!

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