The state legislature has passed a bill that will put a statewide eviction moratorium in place until January 15 of next year.

The measure was approved Wednesday night during a special session in Albany.

The previous moratorium was in effect for over a year until it expired earlier this week.

The goal of the legislation is to help tenants and landlords who are struggling financially due the the COVID-19 pandemic.

Local state lawmakers released statements regarding the eviction moratorium extension:

Senator Joseph Griffo

“The coronavirus pandemic has created significant hardships for property owners and tenants. However, I could not support the further extension of the state’s eviction moratorium because it puts landlords in a position where they essentially do not have complete control over their own private property.

Assemblyman Brian Miller

“For far too long, the Assembly Majority has dragged its feet in providing real help to both tenants and landlords. The government has failed to sufficiently get the funds out to landlords and has allowed the continual abuse of this moratorium, which only hurts tenants in the long run to allow bills to pile up. Tenants are not the only ones who have struggled during this pandemic, landlords have felt the effects of it too, yet little assistance has been given to them. We shouldn’t be extending the problem supporting tenants over landlords. We should be solving the problem to help both struggling tenants and struggling landlords.”

Senator Peter Oberacker

“New York State continues to sit on billions of dollars meant to help tenants and landlords alike.   Instead of adopting a strategy to get those federal funds to people in need, something I have consistently advocated for, the misguided eviction moratorium was once again extended further drawing out an impending housing disaster.  It is time to get our state back on track, get people back to work, and make property owners and renters whole – this bill fails and will compound financial issues for all.”

Assemblyman John Salka

“While yesterday's vote to extend the eviction moratorium is disappointing, the truth is New York state has failed to provide relief for our tenants and landlords for months,” said Salka. “The state has slow-rolled $2.6 billion in federal funds that would have provided much-needed relief in the height of the pandemic. We need to streamline the process, fix our broken rent relief system, and pay landlords and tenants now. Let's not forget that Assembly Democrats rushed this bill to the floor with no public input and with little time for staff to even review it.


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