The donut makers of America always have fun when it comes to celebrating with their customers during a holiday.  We have all seen (and eaten) their masterpieces.  Green shamrocks and icing for St. Patrick's Day.  Beautiful orange and browns (and turkeys and Pilgrims) decorating a pumpkin donut for Thanksgiving.  Yellow bunnies and colorful eggs on top of donuts for Easter.  Christmas time is wild and wonderful with all sorts of holiday themes decorating donuts, from Santa Clause to elves and stockings and toys.  And Halloween?  Forget about it.  That is when the donut makers of Upstate New York really let their freak flag fly!

So lets take a look at donuts on the Fourth of July.  Red, white, and blue is the color scheme and they are all beautiful.  Here are a dozen great donut bakeries all across Upstate New York.  We looked from the Hudson Valley to western New York for the best, and to see what they are offering us up this year for "patriotic donuts."

The results are these dazzling photographs.  They will make your mouth drool, guaranteed.

So Happy Birthday, America!  We hope all of our readers celebrate our Independence Day with family, friends, fireworks, and fun, as well as some yummy red-white-and-blue donuts!

If your favorite bakery did not make this list, please visit our Facebook page and give it a shout out.  We really do want to hear from you!

Celebrate America with Red-White-and-Blue Upstate New York Donuts!

The Fourth of July is a wonderful way for us to celebrate America. And we do so in many ways. A parade, fireworks, a concert, family picnics, a baseball game and more. And we celebrate in Upstate New York with donuts.

Many of our readers know that each year on Independence Day, this gallery looks at some pretty, creative and oh so delicious donuts that are being offered in the bakery shops around Upstate New York. A donut is the perfect canvas to go crazy with the red-white-and-blue colors and designs. It seems that the only limit to these baker's creativity is their imagination.

Here are a bunch of the best donut shops we could find in Upstate New York, looking randomly from the Hudson River to western New York. Take a look at this dazzling array of colorful patriotic designs for July 4th. Very nice!

So happy birthday America! And we hop e you will celebrate in your own private way by watching a fireworks show, getting together with relatives, and maybe even chomping down on a delicious red-white-and-blue Independence Day donut!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

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