It is becoming most common for many people to want to seek out the graves of famous Americans.  They are doing it from coast to coast, there are many online sites and pages dedicated to celebrity graves, history lovers are seeking out historical data found in cemeteries, and many books a have been written by authors about these final resting places.  Even this author has written a book, titled 100 Graves of Upstate New York (Syracuse University).

In these pages we will look at some famous graves around Upstate New York that are fully accessible to the public.  In this gallery we look at the gravesites of 10 Americans, both famous and not-so-famous, who reside eternally in the Buffalo area.

And what a list it is.

Here you will find the grave of an American schoolteacher who gave us a national holiday which we celebrate every year with parades.  You will find the grave of a female daredevil who challenged mighty Niagara Falls.....and won!  You will meet a Grammy winning funk and R&B music superstar who is buried in Buffalo.  You will meet a president of the United States.  You will meet a man who invented something we all love, and what TIME Magazine called one of the 100 most important inventions of the 20th Century. And you will meet an important Indian chief whose Seneca name translates to "he who keeps them awake." And many others.

We will visit other regions in Upstate New York in future posts.  This one highlights Western New York, specifically the Buffalo area.  All of these stories are amazing.

10 Amazing Graves You Can Visit In the Buffalo, N.Y. Area

This gallery continues our posts about famous graves in various areas of Upstate New York. This time we look at 10 amazing final resting places you can visit in the Buffalo area. Many of these graves, not all, can be found in the historic Forest Lawn cemetery, one of the great cemeteries in New York State. There are thousands of graves to view there, hundreds of fantastic works of funeral architecture dating back to the early 1800s, grave markers representing virtually all of America's great wars, plus miles of walking paths, forested areas, ponds, and streams to enjoy.

On this list you will find the inventor of something we all love, and which TIME magazine called one of the 100 most important inventions of the 20th Century. You will also meet a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, the woman who gave us a national holiday we all celebrate with parades, a man who bequeathed to New York State what would become the heart of one of the Empire State's Top 3 state parks, and an important Indian chief whose Seneca name translates to "he who keeps them awake."

All are easily accessible for public viewing.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

READ MORE! The Amazing Graves of 10 Famous Americans Buried in the Capital District

If we ran into a US President, or a Hollywood movie star, or perhaps a legendary writer in a coffee shop or on the street, most of us would just kind of shy away and let the famous person haver their privacy. And that is why "grave visits" is a new, popular thing right now. Going to a very public gravesite of a famous person to pay our respects in death where we most likely would never have done so when they are alive. Cemeteries in Upstate New York have the graves of hundreds of famous people in them, and visitors who come to pay respects to them grow in numbers each year. we will look at the various regions in the future, and highlight some of the famous graves found in each region. This gallery looks at the Capital District of Albany, Schenectady, and Troy and the areas around these cities. Here we find the final resting places of an American president, an Oscar winning movie star, a Hall of Fame baseball player, and several others. (For information on 100 other famous Americans buried in Upstate New York click here to see this guide).

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio