The holiday season is rapidly approaching with Thanksgiving already just around the corner. Get your loved one something old for Christmas this year! That's probably not something you hear every day...

If you are stuck trying to find that perfect gift for your friends and family this year, consider going to the past for a change.  Antiques and collectibles make wonderful gifts to give.  Everybody loves nostalgia and you can always get a smile out of someone by getting them a token from their childhood. Perhaps an old doll or toy, maybe a vintage collection of some comic books, an antique piece of furniture, or an oddity like a stuffed rabbit! How about a couple of classic old record albums, a Brooklyn Dodger baseball card for the sports lover in your life, or even a board game from the 1960s? These almost always strike a chord of fun at gift-giving time.

There are hundreds of antique and collectible shops all around Upstate New York and beyond.  Here is a sampler list of a dozen of the best that we suggest you check out if you're looking for recommendations.  They have just about anything and everything you could possibly imagine (how about a 1960s pinball machine?). Antique and nostalgic gifts are a great personalized and sentimental option this year for the holidays.

We hope that you will visit our Facebook page if your favorite antique shop is not on this list.  Go ahead and give them a shout-out!

Happy treasure hunting!

You Can Find That Perfect Christmas Gift at Any of These 12 Outstanding Upstate New York Antique Stores!

With the gift giving holiday season upon us, there is no better gift than an old gift. Here are a dozen of some of the best antique and collectible stores in Upstate New York. Make a list, check it twice, and visit these gems to buy an old treasure for your loved one this Christmas.

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