Italian treats always seem to find their way to a holiday table at Christmas time in Upstate New York. And thank goodness for that!

Italian Americans make up a huge number of families who can trace their heritage back to the Old Country.  And because of that, authentic Italian bakeries and delicious gelato shops are pretty easy to find all over the region.  They also get very busy during the Christmas holiday season preparing their popular treats for family gatherings and celebrations alike. You can never go wrong bringing a plate of these cookies as a gift for the host.

Here are a dozen great places to find Christmas cookies that will melt your heart (and melt in your mouth).  You will also find a handful of homemade gelato shops listed here that are fantastic as well.

But, wait...

What about a Tom and Jerry?  Yep, the drinkable kind. Have you ever had one?  Have you ever even heard of it?  It's not necessarily an Italian item, but we put a few places on this list that have been serving up this legendary holiday drink in bars, restaurants, and taverns for close to a century since it's a one-of-a-kind favorite.  It's a fun story if you've never heard it!

So, enjoy this list.  And, when you are done reading you will surely be ready for a red-white-and-green sprinkled Italian Christmas cookie, a scoop of freshly made creamy Italian gelato, and, maybe, even a sip of a Tom and Jerry!

Holidays in Upstate New York Mean Italian Cookies, Gelato, and the Legendary Tom and Jerry Drink

Many holiday tables across Upstate New York this season will feature Italian treats like Christmas cookies and gelato. Italian-Americans, in fact, make up the largest nationality from which Upstaters can trace their DNA back to the Old Country.

In this gallery we highlight several top places to get your Italian Christmas cookies this year. Also, take a look at the gelato shops we feature. A colorful Italian cookie and a fresh scoop of homemade gelato. What a pair.

But what about the Tom and Jerry? Have you ever had one? Have you ever heard of it? It is quite a legend in Upstate New York, and we list a couple of places that have been serving this unusual holiday drink for as long as 100 years.


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