You can find a good Mexican restaurant in many small towns (and big cities) across the Upstate New York region.  There are hundreds of them!  Here is a sampler list that will take you from the Catskills to the Adirondacks to the Finger Lakes and beyond, giving you 14 great options for delicious Mexican food.  Some of these have great stories to them (be sure and check out the award-winning Mexican restaurant located in the basement of a working dairy farm!).

Viva! Try These 14 Top Mexican Restaurants in Upstate NY

There are so many wonderful Mexican restaurants scattered across Upstate New York. From big cities to small out-of-the-way hamlets, good Mexican restaurants are really pretty easy to come by in our region. Here is a sampler list of 14 you should consider on your next road trip. They are all good and some even have an interesting back-story to it (how about the Mexican restaurant located in the bottom of a dairy barn! Wow!). Take a look and start planning your Cinco de Mayo trip now!

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