The "Golden Age" is not quite so golden for many seniors who find themselves victims of elder abuse at the hands of either family members or caretakers.  New York State has just initiated a first-in-the-nation expansion of governmental programs to aid these senior citizens,

Elder abuse comes in many forms, from physical abuse, neglect, mental abuse and even financial exploitation.

The new funding for the expansions of assistance program funding, which will be provided annually through September 2022, assists adults 60 and older who are at risk due to physical limitations, cognitive impairment or dementia, and social isolation and expands access to forensic accountants, geriatric psychiatrists/mental health professionals, and civil legal services.

"In New York we believe in standing up for the fair and equal treatment of all of our citizens and protecting our most vulnerable populations, including the elderly," Governor Cuomo said. "This first-of-its kind initiative brings together teams of experts to protect elderly New Yorkers at risk of abuse, neglect or financial exploitation, and continued funding for this important program will help ensure these teams can reach even more at-risk elders across the state as well as provide them with the potentially life-saving services they need."

We applaud the governor's new initiative and hope it will go a long way in securing a happy and healthy senior life for many of our older citizens who find them selves in an abusive situation of any kinds.  We hope that other states will follow in our footsteps in protecting our senior citizens.

For more on this new expansion of funding visit the New York State website by clicking here.

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