his year, more than ever, Pastor Mel Farmer really needs your help in taking care of those in our area a little less fortunate at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Mel has facilitated the giving away of hundreds of turkeys and hams over the years during the holidays, and in this time of COVID-19 the need is far greater than ever before.

Monetary donations to Mel's "Angel of Love Network" can be made by check made out to Gospel Hymns, PO BX 29, West Davenport, NY 13860 Also, if you or someone you know could use a free turkey or ham this season please drop Pastor Mel a note saying so (to the same address).

Pastor Mel Farmer says, "This year we would really like to be a good neighbor to all of those in our area.  It has been a difficult time for everybody and we look forward to your support for our "Angels of Love Network" this holiday season.  Thank you!"